Trucks & Equipment

Refrigerated trucks and cold-storage warehouses ensure the cold-chain from end-to-end

We have a fleet of over 45, modern trucks equipped with GPS tracking systems. ColdStar was the first trucking company in Canada to purchase trucks that run on 100% Compressed Natural Gas.

Sophisticated Temperature Control

  • Each refrigerated truck and all of our trailers are equipped with a sophisticated on-board temperature control system.
  • Warehouses are continuously-monitored to ensure they always maintain the correct temperatures.
  • Professional drivers are equipped with temperature probes to ensure correct product temperature is maintained throughout the movement of your product.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Cold Star Solutions Inc. also has a Preventative Maintenance Program for its warehouses trucks, trailers and refrigerator units. This program ensures that our equipment is always kept in the best possible condition to ensure reliable, quality service of your temperature-sensitive product. In short, your “refrigerated supply chain” is secure with ColdStar!

But the best trucks and equipment are only as good as the people who operate them. All our drivers are highly experienced, well-trained professionals who care about making sure your food is delivered safely and on time.

Read more about the ColdStar team.

Facilities & Fleet

Strict Sanitation Procedures

  • Trucks and trailers are washed inside daily with a food-safe enzyme-based product.
  • The outside of all trucks and trailers are power-washed weekly.
  • The walls of all trucks and trailers are constructed of non-permeable material.
  • Regular inspection of fiberglass inside delivery trucks and trailers. Repairs completed promptly.