Food transportation is our specialty and our passion


Every day, ColdStar Solutions picks up fresh, frozen, and dry food in the Lower Mainland of BC and delivers overnight to all points on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. We make more than 200 pickups and deliveries daily, transporting over 500,000 lbs of food each night.

Pick-up and Delivery Locations
  • Mainland British Columbia
  • Victoria
  • Vancouver Island – all major points
  • Gulf Islands
Warehousing & Logistics Services
  • Warehousing
  • Trans-loading
  • Holding for pick-up
  • Overseas container loading
  • Cross-docking & storage

About ColdStar Solutions

The ColdStar brand was created in January 2000 and has become a highly respected transport company specializing in hauling and distributing refrigerated and dry food. We have a high-tech fleet of over 45 trucks (and growing!) and six warehouse facilities. We’ve worked hard to be more than your average trucking company. Our transport division focuses solely on food products. That’s all we haul. Our trucks, warehouses, safety procedures, and drivers are all specially built, trained, and equipped to handle food shipping and storage. This has allowed us to become experts at hauling food.

Local Expertise

We’ve stayed local, trucking food between the condensed communities of the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands. As one of the top commercial users of BC Ferries, we are very familiar with the challenges of hauling food to island communities and excel at solving these challenges.

Custom Shipping Solutions

  • Large or small load?
  • Delicate or hardy product?
  • Time sensitive?
  • Temperature sensitive?
  • Just-in-time delivery?
  • Refrigerated trailer rentals?
  • Custom orders?

We listen to what our customers need and develop custom shipping solutions accordingly. If you need to move or store a food product, we can help you. Give us a call or send an email, and together we’ll find a solution that meets your needs.

The ColdStar Advantage

  • We haul only food – fresh, frozen and dry. Food is our focused specialty and we move it better than anyone else.
  • Our quality and safety procedures are modeled on the HACCP-based Trucking Food Safety Program.
  • We can guarantee next-day delivery between the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.
  • We use sophisticated GPS tracking and temperature control systems to guarantee the cold-chain throughout shipping.
  • Our drivers personally monitor loads with laser temperature probes and stay with their trucks whenever they are loaded.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness in our warehouses, trucks, trailers and refrigerator units.
  • Our team members are all dedicated, friendly, and helpful professionals.